Residential Openers

Specializing in garage door opener replacement, repair, and new installation. We can help you determine the best garage door opener to meet your needs.

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Emergency Services

We're your full-service garage door parts replacement specialist. Our work is backed by our exclusive Ponderosa Promise.

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Garage Door Repair

Your home or business relies on your garage door(s) for security and safety. Have your garage door inspected annually for safety and security issues.

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Garage Door Professionals

Garage Doors Professionals is a full service garage door company that provides professional garage door installation, expert garage door repair and garage door opener service for residential garage door owners, commercial garage door and industrial structures. Garage Doors Professionals guarantees our customers in Jacksonville Florida and the surrounding will receive the highest quality garage door services. Choosing Garage Doors Professionals for your entire garage door needs will certainly be your best choice for not only having a garage door that operates at full performance, but higher security levels that protects your home and business.

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Ensuring your vehicle is kept safe behind a durable barrier is of utmost importance these days. With over a 1000 motor vehicles stolen last year in Jacksonville Florida alone, the need for garage doors that have security devices, strong locking mechanisms, and are fully operational has become imperative. Sometimes all it takes is a strong presence of deterrent for a criminal to look elsewhere for an easy target. Garage Doors Professionals wants all of our residential customers to keep not only their vehicles safe from criminals, but also protect the largest entrance into your home with the professional garage door services Garage Doors Professionals provides.

Commercial garage doors protect fleet vehicles as well, and rising criminal activity has shown that not even big trucks and vans are safe from those determined to steal your inventory. Garage Doors Professionals has the knowledge and experience needed to advise you on the best levels of garage door security to keep your company vehicles and inventory safe.

Garage Doors Professionals expert technicians are focused on delivering the services our customers need. We work with single homeowners, rental property managers, multi-unit owners and all other residential garage door owners, commercial, industrial, and municipal structure managers and owners are also a big part of our daily business.

Here at Garage Doors Professionals, our customers know they can trust us to be there when they need us. Our convenient and flexible service schedules allow our garage door customers to schedule garage door services at times that make it easy to keep up with their hectic daily schedules.

With Garage Doors Professionals Free Estimates you will always know the exact cost of any garage door project, and with our Valuable On-line Coupons you are guaranteed to save even more money with our already low and competitive pricing.

When you have a garage door that will not open when you come home at night, or refuse to budge when you need to make commercial deliveries first thing in the morning; call Garage Doors Professionals and our 24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Team will be on its way as soon as we hang up the phone. Garage Doors Professionals technicians can be to your location in as little as 30 minutes, and have most garage door repairs completed in an hour or so. With the proper tools and equipment, our technicians can get any garage door opened within minutes and allow you to move on with your day, while we fix the initial problem for you.

Garage Doors Professionals is proud of our reputation for being able to do all levels of garage door service. Our technicians deliver every step of a garage doors life-cycle; from building and selling customized garage doors, framing, installing, repairing, and servicing them throughout the years with our Preventive Maintenance Plans that add years of durable life and prevent most major garage door repairs that occur from lack of care.

When you call Garage Doors Professionals you are calling a company that has years of experience and knowledge with dealing with all types of garage doors from all major manufacturers. We work daily with Genie, LiftMaster, Linear, Arm-R-Lite, CHI Overhead Doors, FrenchPorte and others.

Garage Doors Professionals has the professionals who can guide you through choosing the right garage door for your home or business. We can take care of all the repairs your garage door or opener may need.

Call Garage Doors Professionals today at our easy to reach toll free number 904-239-5934. Garage Doors Professionals guarantees you will receive the exact garage door services you need at a price any budget can afford.

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